Tmall sales surge of 740% into the consumer mobile phone supermarket 9

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Alibaba announced 1 billion yuan cash subsidies to consumers in Beijing area, Tmall supermarket, the first disclosure of the core business, data show that the popularity of Tmall supermarket in Beijing soared, sales growth of 740% over the same period last year, about 9 of consumers are beginning to use the mobile phone supermarket.

July Beijing temperature rising up, even once 40° C barbecue mode, Tmall supermarket "high subsidies" came into being. In the office, bus, subway and other places, the focus of the emergence of Tmall supermarket advertising attracted the attention of the people of Beijing. Due to the payment of 50 yuan cash subsidies promotions, caused by word-of-mouth consumers, and then log on Tmall supermarket, found their homes can be purchased all over the life department, so right in the days when the case, Tmall supermarket sales jumped 740% in the.

in fact, Tmall supermarket in Beijing a hit is a process of accumulate steadily.

Tmall supermarket as a Alibaba group to create the traditional mode and strategy of online supermarket, Tmall store is quite different from the single product.

in the commodity level, Tmall flagship department store supermarket life one-stop shopping, leisure snacks, rice, grain and oil for consumers of imported food, home care, Home Furnishing department stores, baby products and other commodities, and the Tmall cooperation with the global supply chain and brand depth advantage, directly from the brand side to provide products, and commitment genuine security. In the service level, Tmall supermarket own logistics system, not only the rice grain and other large parcel delivery service more in-depth upstairs, served on the same day and night distribution close to the consumer demand.


in the supermarket on the page, "Beijing exclusive" campaign has been launched, every 9 points, 12 points, 20 point three times, Beijing city users 50 yuan exclusive red harvest. In addition, with the soaring Tmall supermarket in Beijing orders, rookie network launched the "special day" special distribution site service will be expanded two times, and increased the frequency of daily delivery, also plans to a Tmall supermarket giant warehouse opened in Beijing surrounding the recent.

with a strong rookie network support, Tmall supermarket in Beijing before the user orders at 11 in the morning, the day you can receive goods, and can choose the delivery time, delivery to the night 22 points on the day. This is the entire Alibaba trading platform and even the entire Chinese electricity business, there are incomparable advantages.

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, Tmall supermarket "high subsidies" has become the catalyst, let Beijing consumers convenient life shopping needs, and Tmall in the supermarket goods and logistics services in two areas the enormous advantage of chemical reaction occurred, which broke out a huge increase of 740%.

according to Tmall’s data statistics, in this just started online shopping feast, nearly 9 of consumers choose to use the phone, supermarket". This shows that the first tier cities have been significantly different from the traditional way of shopping online shopping online migration, and with the electricity supplier

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