How to use blog to promote Taobao shop

usually pay more attention to the promotion of Taobao owners should have heard a word called blog marketing". Before this Taobao promotion trick is still very useful, but for many people, after the flood, the effect is not so obvious. But it is not useless, as long as the heart to do, to adhere to the heart is very helpful.

for the Taobao store, the whole process of blog marketing is: to apply for websites such as Sina blog, published an article, adhere to a period of time — blog search engine recognition — included increase rankings with users through the search engine to find your blog about products – contact you have transaction. Of course, all this is the premise of idealization. In practice, many people simply can not insist on down.

TBW Taobao webmaster more experience in this area, I would like to talk about the promotion of Taobao shop experience.

a blog choice

after my experiment, Sina, Baidu, Sohu and other portal site blog weight is very good, high weight of the blog is conducive to the rapid recognition of your site search engine, reduce waiting time included.

two, the article as far as possible original

At the beginning of the

, it’s not the most important thing, because no one else can find you. Then you can write the log, record things around. But it is best to be related to Taobao, because your ultimate goal is to promote Taobao shop.

three, the article how to write

blog is included, it is necessary to seriously write. At this time you can consider around the main store to write their own projects, or around a product to write. For example, your shop is operating skin care products, you can write skin care products knowledge. Good article can keep the pace of buyers, and even bring loyal old customers.

In fact,

blog marketing processes are the same, the size of the effect, depending on the level of literature, as well as the length of time to adhere to.

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