The supplier’s collective Dun Amoy brand green box bankruptcy

January 3rd news of the last few days of 2016, I am afraid that the old network of children’s first brand CEO Wu Fangfang experienced the most difficult days. At that time, the green box declared bankruptcy, beauty CEO Wu Fangfang transfer property on foot and other rumors are about to be sounded the bell across the year, waiting for the time. The difference is that the lively crowd ushered in the new year, and in the storm of the green box, such as the whirlpool is to either bankruptcy liquidation, bankruptcy or reorganization of the notice of life and death.

The cause of the

event, is a green box supplier of micro-blog.

In December 28th

, a suspected green box supplier in micro-blog users denounce Wu Fangfang malicious fraud, transfer the assets of the company, "said Wu Fangfang as a young female top venture in Shanghai, Mai Xixi spokesperson, a title to a successful person to count the trouble to malicious fraud our money back to us." And @ Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong, Ali behind the shop to enjoy the reputation of the toiling masses, all through the night out stitch, it was "eat goods".


in addition, the netizen also posted a number of suppliers jointly to Xuhui District people’s government, the Shanghai municipal procuratorate, Xuhui Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment petition. Said that the beginning of 2015, the green box is due to the long-term in the network business platform sales and blind expansion (open the next line store and other reasons), resulting in the enterprise supply chain breaking, not normal payment of supplier loans, suppliers continue to stop the supply of old.

but in this case, the main person in charge of the enterprise (the relationship between husband and wife: Tang Junxi; legal person shareholders: Wu Fangfang, two lines) and senior management personnel, but take the enterprise actual state of operation means, using a variety of contract fraud, deception suppliers continue to supply, causing at least 94 enterprises, unable to pay 94 million yuan of debt.

and said that the company is currently still trying to transfer the enterprise of tangible and intangible assets, and many other executives in the field team trying to reinvent the wheel, misappropriation of so many enterprises and staff’s hard-earned money.

face openly questioned in person on micro-blog that night Wu Fangfang issued a statement against a malicious fraud and transfer of property ": Although the company has recently encountered a lot of difficulties, but I didn’t run away two never shirk responsibility no three escaped a penny, contrary to my personal savings in recent years have been up in the company this point, can accept any form of legal audit. Now every day I go to solve the problem, New Year approaching, suppliers understand difficulties, you scold me for what I have no complaints, this is what I should take, but if you continue to spread my photos of children on the Internet and to slander, I will protect the rights and interests of minors by means of law. This is the mother must be spelled a life to maintain the interests of


December 30th, Wu Fangfang for the first time, but also the last one