Electricity supplier to the countryside and air conditioning dealers grab the township market


air conditioning season approaching, the rural market will continue to be the growth point of the air conditioning industry in 2013, electricity suppliers and dealers to snatch the township market hit up.

Suning, Gome, Jingdong is offline linkage mode quietly go to the countryside, the air conditioner dealers in the three or four market is facing transformation. However, the air conditioning industry "big three" GREE, Midea and Haier are behind the tens of thousands of stores sales system.

electricity supplier to the countryside

, according to the white paper released by Suning, in 2011 China’s rural households have only 22.58 units per 100 households air conditioning, while the number of urban households reached 122 units, the great potential of rural air conditioning market.

for this reason, Suning, Gome are extending its two or three market sales, logistics, warehousing, service systems. The standing Suning Guangzhou Area Management Center Deputy General Manager Ren Wei said, in order to expand the rural market, Suning in December last year in Shandong, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Fujian and other places to launch in the next three years, the flagship store flagship store area will reach 1000. Suning also through its business platform Tesco "airborne", will sink to three or four market distribution network.

Jingdong also quietly go to the countryside". An air conditioner factory electricity supplier responsible person told the "First Financial Daily reporters, Jingdong in Guangdong this year, the pilot" O2O "(the integration of online and offline) mode, select the best agents and retailers of the factory, in the three or four grade market layout. Jingdong 2012 air conditioning sales reached 1 billion 600 million yuan, about 600 thousand units, this year to hit the sales target of $2 billion 600 million.


this year for the first time to sell online and offline mode to sell air-conditioning. Suning predicted that in 2013s the channel will be affected, the market is shrinking. Integration of online and offline channel development will be the main features of the 2013 air conditioning channels.

TCL electricity supplier responsible person also told this reporter that the electricity supplier will have a certain impact on the physical store. Try "TCL online and offline interaction" of the "O2O" mode this year in some areas, consumers can online orders, delivery, installation, commissioning services TCL store in the radiation area, also can be two times to sell, such as selling accessories or other electrical appliances.

Zhang Yanbin

Dean Orville Consulting Institute said that in 2012 the electricity supplier accounted for 4.8% in Chinese air conditioning sales in 2013 is expected to reach 7%~8%.

line and online play price protection war

electricity supplier’s rapid growth, will bring rising costs, while triggering concerns about the price system manufacturers.

several major electricity supplier to the manufacturer’s policy every year a certain range of adjustments, but they also have to consider each other’s competition, it is estimated that this year will increase the cost of electricity supplier within 5%." TCL electricity supplier business executives believe that Taobao’s business policy this year has not changed, and the current consumer network >