Sea Amoy new deal can not be happy to buy buy Don’t be afraid of those who are in the circle of frie

frequent online shopping friends in April 8th to open the sea Amoy site is likely to be stunned. As commodity prices have not changed, when the settlement is likely to jump out of a line of small print, suggest that the applicable tax rate of the commodity 11.9%, also need to pay XX yuan of taxes. Don’t worry, you have no vertigo. Later, you will spend more money on the sea Amoy, because the latest sea Amoy official implementation of the new deal. Like some sea Amoy website simply adjust the price of goods directly after the new deal price.

in March 24th, the Ministry of Finance issued the "notice" on cross-border e-commerce retail import tax policy, announced that since April 8th, China will implement the cross-border retail electricity supplier import tax policies, policies and regulations, to cancel the $50 tax shall be exempted from the "welfare"; cross-border retail electricity supplier imports a single transaction limit of 2000 yuan the individual annual trading limit, 20 thousand yuan; the limit value of imported goods within the tariff rate part is currently set to 0%, the import value-added tax and consumption tax temporarily by the statutory tax payable shall be levied 70%, exceed the limit value is in accordance with the general trade way full tax.

circle of friends, however, in fact, all Voices of discontent., not so serious, even for ordinary people to buy buy buy more friendly.

sea Amoy New Deal mean?


first of all, the new deal is mainly affected by the sea Amoy electricity supplier enthusiasts and circle of friends purchasing, as well as buy buy buy enthusiasts, students. If you do not meet the above conditions, then do not look down.

cancel 50 yuan tax exemption

interpretation of the meaning of this new deal, where the 50 yuan tax is a postal tax. (parcel tax, and customs duties, value-added tax, consumption tax and different, it is to import goods tariffs and import value-added tax and consumption tax three tax, import tax levied in a uniform. This is mainly affected by the relatively low taxes, about 500 yuan worth of goods. Food, health care products, milk powder, diapers, in the category of 500 yuan. These cross-border electricity supplier platform will be the best selling goods prices. Of course, there are platforms to help pay, pay off this part of the tax, or send coupons subsidies, do not know how long can adhere to.

why should there be such a post tax?

customs because I know that you are managed to save some money to go out to buy some souvenirs or playing abroad is very not easy to have a no country haven’t visited relatives to send you a little gift, is not going to be selling goods. A tax is out of order, documents, too much trouble and be beneath the human character. Simply get together, 50 yuan tax is not taxed. (however, in the major countries in the world, but some countries define the specific items banned outside, do not put personal items separate out tax provisions.


but why do you want to cancel it now?

reason is very simple, you see how many friends circle