North Korea opened a shopping website Food and clothing are included foreigners cannot use

original title: North Korea opened a shopping site

North Korea can also online shopping. North Korean Central News Agency reported that North Korea has opened a shopping site, not only through the computer, but also through the smart phone orders. How to buy online in North Korea? What are some of the goods?

food and clothing are included

Korean Central News Agency reported that the "jade" website of North Korea business, catering industry, and consumer goods production unit. This e-commerce system to facilitate the people, stimulate the enthusiasm of the workers for the purpose of production.

site list Begonia flower Pavilion, yingri restaurant, restaurant and food factory Venus brand manufacturers launched goods and food, and the food factory production of the best-selling products list and column in Pyongyang 326 wire factory production of consumer goods and pharmaceuticals.

an official recently told the The Associated Press reporter demonstrated the shopping process. The Korean manufacturers of women’s clothing, bags, shoes, medicines, cosmetics, furniture and food web. Choose a food factory, click on the factory production of bread and butter, the pop-up page marked the price: a bag of 78 yuan, with the same goods sold in Pyongyang stores almost. Then, enter the required number, click "buy" and "confirm" to complete the order. Customers can use North Korea’s "wings" prepaid card checkout, and can request delivery. However, the demonstration did not answer how the goods delivered to the hands of customers and logistics speed.

South Korea "Central Daily" reported that a woman from Pyongyang city civil "managed to buy" Arirang "mobile phone" login "jade stream" website, search the goods, finally chose the North Korean leader Kim Jeong-eun also praised the delicious "welcome Japanese restaurant in South Noodles with Soy Bean Paste. This customer input electronic payment card number, waiting for delivery.

North Korea only

and other parts of the world shopping sites are different, jade flow is limited to the use of the Korean domestic network, and the Internet does not unicom. Moreover, regardless of whether or not in North Korea, foreigners can not buy goods in the jade flow.

according to the The Associated Press, in 2008, the phone began to spread in North korea. Although mobile phones are still rare in rural areas, but in the streets of Pyongyang has become commonplace. As of 2013, the ordinary mobile phone and intelligent mobile phone users increased to about 2 million, penetration rate reached almost every ten people have a mobile phone.

North Korea communication company started to provide mobile phone Internet service last year, users can browse the number of North Korean websites, including the Korean labor party organ "Labor News" and the Korean Central News agency.

website prospects

‘s service clerk KCNA quoted Zheng Xuehua as saying, "jade flow" website for customers to directly contact the relevant production units, which is convenient to buy cheap products. At the same time, it will promote the production units to actively reduce costs and price competition.


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