B2C data comparison revenue slowdown Jingdong Dangdang beauty trap

[Abstract]]B2C’s overall net profit margin declined over the same period of last year and the first quarter of the year.


Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on November 25th

released the day before Dangdang earnings. Reported that Dangdang third quarter revenue of $2 billion 371 million 900 thousand, an increase of 22.6%, a net loss of $28 million 100 thousand, Dangdang has been a continuous loss of the 3 quarter, the first quarter of this year, a total loss of 109 million yuan dangdang.

with Dangdang announced third quarter earnings, the domestic mainstream B2C companies have announced this quarter earnings. Comparison of various B2C data, you can find a phenomenon, the growth has slowed down, net profit situation has deteriorated, poly America’s first loss in 2 years.

Jingdong only product convergence revenue fell


earnings report, Jingdong third quarter net income of $44 billion 100 million (about $6 billion 900 million), an increase of 52%, a decline of 4%.

is a Jingdong recently changes, HNA tourism strategic investment tuniu $500 million, after the completion of HNA tourism will become the largest shareholder holding way cattle, cattle and about 24.1% shares. With the way cattle investment Jingdong tuniu HNA, lost the largest shareholder. third quarter net revenues of $8 billion 670 million ($1 billion 360 million), an increase of 63%.’s revenue is lower than expected, the official explanation is that, due to China’s autumn weather is warmer than expected, resulting in the purchase of a higher price of autumn and winter clothing.’s revenue is lower than expected, once led to a slump in’s share price, but also suffered Jingdong’s God knife".


mall CEO Shen Haoyu said in a conference call, weather, also did not see the Jingdong clothing category sales have a substantial impact, the Jingdong had a very successful double eleven promotion, sales growth in the apparel category is healthy.

Dangdang third quarter total net revenues of $2 billion 371 million 900 thousand (about $373 million 200 thousand), an increase of 22.6%.

United States third quarter revenue of $1 billion 900 million, an increase of 971 million 200 thousand yuan over the same period last year, 99.9%, a slight decline compared with the previous quarter.

poly U.S. net revenue growth was mainly due to the United States and the United States and the United States last year, the growth rate of duty-free sales, the third party platform cosmetics sales business to bring the number of active users and the total number of orders to increase the transfer.

poly U.S. gross margin decreased significantly


Jingdong group third quarter gross profit was $6 billion 95 million, representing a substantial increase over the same period last year, Jingdong’s gross margin was 13.8% in the third quarter, compared with the previous year

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