Ding Tao teacher Why buy the industry is the first profitable network

some people say that buying is like a race, who ran to the finish line (profit line), who can survive, and thus become the leader. Recently, the largest Chinese group purchase site finally after 18 months on the line to achieve profitability, website development entered a new track, the industry believes that the business group purchase mode can effectively improve visibility, provide the target consumer group, and provide reliable quality products for consumers, this is the fundamental reason why lashou profit. But this model but need to improve the implementation of the ultimate service.

was always a reporter friend and I discussed, so many China group purchase website, with the passage of time, will certainly die a batch, who can survive? I would say, so clear and simple group purchase business model, who is the most money who can live. Of course, this is just a joke in a word, money is only a basis, effective management and strong operational capability is not less than the factors, following by the author to analyze why the first profitable group purchase website is to handle network, handle network what excels, group purchase this model how


first: buy the feasibility of the model itself!

site in Chinese group purchase only less than two years time, the size of the market over a few times, group purchase group purchase mode, can bring profit for the business, and can quickly return, for consumers, and can provide high quality and inexpensive goods. In inflation more serious today, the development of group purchase website greatly stimulated the consumer boom, docking speeds up the circulation of goods and services, while businesses also need to price promotions and pay commissions, but this cost is regarded as marketing investment, in exchange for the huge amount of exposure and bring a group may become loyal the customer’s consumer.

second: high financing!

buy site in order to rapid development, must be financing. In April this year, lashou completed C $111 million round of financing, with handle network C round of financing, venture capital and other Jinsha River won at the end of December 2010 the number of venture investment B round of investment institutions, a total of $50 million, and the A round from Taishan angels, CFF, RebateNetwork and angel investment Jinsha River investment $5 million handle network investment, three rounds of financing totaling $166 million. With the support of large funds, pull the net ushered in a period of rapid development.

third: innovative service!

although we often say that the site does not buy anything new, we are stereotyped. But the reason leading group purchase market handle network is that it begins with Groupon, but on the basis of a series of reforms, the new model handles network first multi day group, launched a variety of activities on the same day the group purchase page to the user. The innovation is also reflected in the brand strategy, handle is a group purchase industry’s first celebrity endorsements of the enterprise, in Ge You’s endorsement, the reputation and visibility increase. More praise

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