NetEase announced the purchase of the koala sea in 2016 three strategic sales target ten billion

NetEase koala sea purchase CEO Zhang Lei reviewed the results of the 2015 NetEase koala and announced in 2016 the three strategic

2016, NetEase koala sea sales target sales of 10 billion


technology news March 29th afternoon news, this afternoon, the NetEase held a koala sea purchase since the launch of the first conference, NetEase chairman and CEO Ding Lei said at the meeting, the core of Internet products is to solve the traditional industry information asymmetry problem, backed by the NetEase group, owned media driven NetEase will be able to purchase the koala sea between retail brands and consumers, the perfect link.

conference, NetEase CEO Zhang Lei reviewed the koala sea purchase of NetEase in 2015 koala achievements and announced the three strategy in 2016, the list of economic (to guide the user what to buy), live operations (red net broadcast etc.) and scene of life (rich product matrix, covering consumer life scenes such as games, email, and music news client etc.).

Zhang Lei said that in 2016, the media and the gene products, resources will be further integration and coordination of the NetEase, the NetEase purchased the koala Sea continued to play a media driven business advantage, further upgrade in 2015 on the basis of the supply chain, rich commodity category and expand warehouse layout. It is worth mentioning that, Zhang Lei at the scene said that in 2016, NetEase koala sea sales target sales of 10 billion.

2015 is the cross-border electricity supplier industry outbreak, in Zhang Lei’s view, 2016 brands will enter the brand promotion, and backed by the NetEase’s NetEase will be able to purchase the koala sea through the accumulation of the radio and television media, print magazines, Internet media and other media resources as well as from the media matrix, to help brands link 800 well-known domestic media 1 billion 300 million of consumers and China. (Xue Die)

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