Education electricity supplier just looks beautiful

note: This article is based on the shopping platform, such as: Tmall, Jingdong and other

Analysis of

double eleven after the data, let an industry into the electricity supplier’s attention, because the double eleven Shanghai river network and boarded was expected to begin education, then emerging electricity supplier, but it is really the case? The author said: the education of electricity providers may be in a new line of Education mode, but true is so beautiful, the ideal is very good, but the reality is very skinny. Business education is still said to be a model of castles in the air, yes, but whether as Hujiang network boarded the CCTV and become a big business boom, too early.


education electricity supplier background analysis

education industry to do electricity providers have to go through a lot of Hom, and now we look at the data known. I read the current in the Tmall flagship store: New Oriental online education enterprise, Shanghai river network, the public, the Chinese figure, learning and thinking, elite, global sales, sales is not ideal as can be imagined, such as New Oriental online, there are a lot of products, but most are basically at zero or a few sales. Education providers are pushed up, because the more double eleven, is a kind of behavior and for the occasion, perhaps there is also the role of public relations is from the reality but can make nothing of it, and more in a pioneering period, insufficient attention, more make a model with online platform docking, starting the point is close to increase sales. The starting point is right, but it looks a bit like when we are ignored, said a person’s development, emphasis on specialization, and too many people are a head west end, education also looks like this.

The reason behind the behavior is more

compared to traditional channels with the new channel, because most of the enterprises are aware of the traditional channels began to go down, it is necessary to use the new channel to maintain the performance and development of enterprises. So if one can do that, then I put into it, but itself probably did not think too much, do wait until after a period of development difficulty so great, the cost is high, finally becomes a marginal role. The obvious example is now online education, New Oriental is the early entry, but now the data is not too good, but there are many educational enterprises have entered, but now there is some soy sauce in the position, who did not ache, is about how to implement the powerful, last time is the dwarf in action.

to do business education, must face the following issues a commonplace talk of an old scholar.

first: people

do business need, need is the electricity supplier personnel, rather than say the trend, will comment on, is truly implemented electricity supplier personnel, but we all know that the current electricity supplier talent gap is so big, especially to find a kind of talent executives will be even more difficult, not to mention from too now the business people, they are more inclined to Internet companies, electricity providers, traditional enterprises.

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