Alipay to build online shopping mpenetrable Defence travel

, the largest independent third party payment Alipay and the largest third party browser Maxthon platform to reach the depth of strategic cooperation. Against rampant phishing phishing, jointly launched with the "malicious URL" warning function Maxthon browser (Maxthon), by prompting the fraudulent website security of hundreds of millions of users of the online transaction security.


online shopping is increasingly integrated into the lives of ordinary consumers today, phishing sites and malicious web site has become a major threat to consumers in the online payment link. According to the China Anti phishing website alliance center statistics, since the beginning of 2005, the global fishing case is growing at an annual rate of more than 200%, deceived users up to 5%.

The Alipay

and Maxthon cooperation focuses on combating malicious web sites and phishing sites. In order to find the first time and shielding the fraudulent website, travel is also dedicated to establish a rapid response hotline, to ensure that all Maxthon user can have a secure Internet experience.


is the leading independent third party payment platform, established in 2004, by the end of July 2009, Alipay registered users reached 200 million, the number of transactions per day peak of more than 4 million pen. This cooperation will also use the majority of users of Alipay online shopping travel escort, to help users identify phishing sites, to ensure the security of online payment.

"is the natural development of Maxthon security strategy with Alipay cooperation. For hundreds of millions of Alipay users can guarantee the security of online transactions, reflects the Maxthon has always insisted on the supremacy of the user experience of commitment." Maxthon official said.

Alipay has been committed to provide users with better payment experience, and Maxthon cooperation is Alipay new initiatives in the safety aspects of shopping." Alipay relevant responsible person said, "in the future, we will also cooperate partners in building a more secure payment environment".

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