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GGFAQ line: advertising must be placed in the most easy to click position, find loopholes in the rules, the advertising unit of the biggest, mixed in the body when not too large, the smallest rectangle. What recommend ah, link ah, rectangular ah, the boss asked him to put the dog ­. The top cover of a skyscraper, the middle is a large rectangular shape, a swimming pool, do not believe you don’t jump in one point of muddy water, a link unit navigation position, a special kind of taste, sogou. Others open the page regardless of male or female is ­ have to say: little brother is not known! Is a look at the old military medical experts, more professional! Facing another strong hit pop, breath open 10 screen. Re implantation of several regular advertising, 24×7 all-weather duty. Is a ­ word, ruthless! A page on the toss of the hour. Guys not killed thousands million is on the edge, only 10% hits, you feel shy to bubble… You said… So a broken station every day to earn a few money? Two thousand ­ beauty knife? That is my disciple level! Twenty thousand beautiful knife. Don’t you see, don’t cheat. What is AD, you know? AD is the most ruthless advertising must be the most ruthless to put, less is not used to.

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