Liar website zzlink traffic experts are liar website

saw an advertisement in stationmaster net on cnzz yesterday, I joined this site to did not see a two points is negative! So they try to get points, they saw an advertisement for as long as they do link will get 50 points, and then do the connection, see! "Figure 1"


was a friend of my landing website registered to tell me when I ordered an advertising site poisoning inadvertently! Tell me what is the point of advertising, I do not believe, so oneself to the point, and the point after the 360 security guards on the tip: the page contains Trojans and malicious scripts, harm computer security! See Figure 2 "



then shut up! Then they submit system background landing problem but did not reply for a long time, this is the time to tell them, they added a QQ customer service number 23325389 (named dawn)! He told me that he’s good, I have a problem! It is confused, I one day access into thousands of sites, 360 never didn’t remind me, this is the first time! He said what you find 1000 people visit to see whether it will suggest that this is not funny, I went to look for that many people go to visit his garbage site, said this is not for him to do good things? Oh! Then I said forget it, when I say no! This time after a while landing the account he actually found my account to freeze, but put my QQ into the blacklist! See below 3


we look at such a garbage in this way! Before I did not delete their advertising code, nor in the station to delete their connection! What this shows that he was guilty of it or what! Here also put me with his QQ chat again! You see

!The Jialing River fish 17:59:18

I have complained about a website, ask the administrator to deal with it in time, otherwise a lot of friends are really K! I am not in order to want extra points, but I am so angry at the dumpster!

dawn 17:59:49

you, ID, you are the complaint which station

The Jialing River fish 17:59:55

douge11 ID

The Jialing River fish 18:00:22

Name: URL:

Description: this page contains Trojans and malicious scripts, endangering computer security

dawn 1>

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