n the text of the ad click into the traffic flow to avoid malicious clicks

      at present, the main way is to promote the search engine keyword search promotion, the network company mainly rely on the amount of clicks to win advertisers. So many Internet companies have malicious clicks behavior." An anonymous industry insiders said so.

      in this case, the text related integrated network promotion by the multi service content. It is reported that the promotion service set Web content search, Pay-Per-Call, online instant communication in one, so that small and medium enterprises with the lowest cost to get the best online promotion income.

    different ranks in the Google and Baidu keyword search advertising to sales. The ad service effectively eliminates malicious clicks. Since after the "interest" to "want to know more about" the two steps after the user began to click, the user’s click before each click to understand the content. At the same time, the advertising service is also a collection of online communication and voice call function, visitors can be the first time and advertisers to achieve dialogue, to ensure the best results.

      it is reported that the well-known network marketing service provider and the domestic leader in the field of search marketing — new interactive International Limited in the industry point, its self-developed products called DotMore in advertising. The company through the establishment of cooperation with the site, placed in the text of the ad code, the establishment of a huge advertising alliance. The product after two months of trial sales situation, for the enterprise products, services, brand promotion, etc., from the actual situation of delivery, each year the amount invested enterprises will be in 8000-10000 yuan, the Chinese 17 million small and medium-sized enterprises, more than 30 billion of the size of the potential value of every year. At present,, Beida, Zhengda hospital and many small and medium enterprises and the typical customer advertising DotMore cooperation.

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