Glyph of God ‘m the one who takes care of the consumer

carved sirloin is often used as the Internet thinking case. What is the Internet thinking? The empty word seems to be just a more humble form of the word "success". Of course, don’t put the carved sirloin as an inspirational story, but should be regarded as a high handsome rich cross domain airborne operations. Let’s take a look at the logic behind the business.

oral / AFU oil, carved sirloin founder Meng wake (God carved)

God carved sirloin =


= your product?

food and beverage industry different shapes, complex, each form is not the same game. For example, the service of the big Dong roast duck is half the size of the city of Beijing. The location of McDonald’s must be in the core of the business district, because things are cheap to sell, so we must continue to introduce a large passenger flow, improve the turnover rate.

of course, it depends on what your position is. If located in the family dinner, preferably in the vicinity of the district. God carved sirloin white-collar service is to go shopping, so the site is a large shopping Mall, positioning relative to subdivision.

a lot of restaurants in Hongkong, Macao, diners must wear a collar shirt and trousers, wearing slippers, shorts, sleeveless tops are not allowed to enter the dining. A few days ago, I went to a restaurant to eat. To eat the meal, I spent three thousand yuan to buy a shirt. Fortunately, that day I wore nine minutes pants, posing as pants. The meal hasn’t been eaten yet, it’s three thousand, it’s expensive, but the mainland restaurant hasn’t reached that point yet.

now, China’s middle class to grow up, the market segmentation began. Casinos in Europe do not wear a tie. People’s fan is like that. So, God carved sirloin children is the norm, not advocate family dinners, 12 year old child does not go as far as possible. I do not advocate excessive drinking, a drink did not stop, turn table rate is too low. But Xue pan skewers I encourage you to drink more, because skewers itself is not what profit, they rely on wine to earn money.

so, in the future every kind of food is not the same shape. If you do eat and drink who can come to eat, then the profit will decline in the future. Just as there is no unified clothing, no brand can take. The future is divided. The more accurate you locate, the group of customers like you best.

positioning will be more accurate in the future, and even dishes will be more accurate, to make a kind of food ingredients. = = Quanjude Goubuli baozi, Roasted Duck, Sibelius = = you face, God carved sirloin.. this is a relatively natural insurance play.

I was so get the consumer

Chinese restaurant has been no meal sharing system. Chinese people pay attention to the United States and the United States, eating and dining system. Everyone around the table for dinner, would not have a meal. So, China restaurant serving is a forward "throw", this is a direct result of every dish.

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