Ali Mama Abandon Google ADSense

      mom can use a January time in the webmaster circles fame temporarily become the best brand in the domestic advertising deal, Ali mother in the blog, especially for small and medium-sized websites for more care, do not advocate principles of advertising is not good.

      Google ADSense has been an important source of revenue for the station before the presence of the mother, but its profitability is not very optimistic. Because the Adsense in the domestic price and click on the tedious way of payment, which is slightly inferior to Alimama in want of perfection.

      data speak.

a, unit price comparison:

      treasure road Google ADSense unit price has been hovering between 0.02$-0.05$. Converted into RMB, probably is $0.1- $0.30. Bao Road, ah mom is probably at the unit price of $0.1- $0.20. Google ADSense price higher than Ali’s mother, but not much. Ali mother when the length of the valuation of the billing method is IP/52 or IP/60 per week, according to now is the mother in the background statistics and formula.

two, settlement comparison:

      Google ADSense 100USD for collecting checks, the lowest settlement standard, but this month 100USD, until next month to receive a cheque.

      Ali mother’s payment for the Alipay payment, time is 15 per month, the settlement cycle is a whole month.

three, consumption comparison:

      Google ADSense of each check courier (25USD) – this can not charge for the collection of each check ($50- $60 dollars), the collection time for nearly a month, time and energy wasted in the running back and forth between banks, even money, transportation fees.

      Ali mother to collect service charges, service charges are 8% of the amount of advertising transactions on time long billing, click on the billing of 15%. From this level, the length of time billing blogger more advantages. But for advertisers, click to pay is obviously more effective.

      if you have not yet launched Ali mother advertising, now put on your site.

four, conclusion:


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