Large companies should avoid entrepreneurial disease the reaction need not be too fast

it is well known that startups can’t follow the example of large companies in many ways. However, this does not mean that the entrepreneurial model can bring higher efficiency, and large companies should also be avoided by the entrepreneurial mentality of interference.

I think, should avoid the following six kinds of "entrepreneurial disease" big companies:

reaction need not be too fast

any enterprise can easily enter the "fire drill mode", and many start-up companies will respond quickly to market opportunities. But when you start a new business, you need to make plans. Strategically, you need to know what you need to focus on. It’s a year plan for the Department, and it’s a month, a week, or a day for yourself. Enterprises will encounter a variety of situations, but you need to know what is the most important, and sustained attention.

to develop a longer-term plan

even if you do business in a new market, you can’t avoid making plans, and it’s not enough to make a few months or one or two quarters. You need to make plans for 12 months or more, and make daily decisions based on these goals.

institutionalized learning and best practices

if you are participating in the exhibition last year, so what did you learn from this experience? What value? What is just a waste of time and money? With the personnel adjustment and transfer, entrepreneurial companies tend to make systematic knowledge lost inheritance, and some best practices guide in one year later it is easy to be forgotten. You need to spend a certain amount of time to record, and in a unified place to store these data, easy access to others.

avoid being smart and making big mistakes

some start-up companies will spend more than $50 on the show and the argument, and the entire exhibition budget actually has $10 thousand. On this issue, let 6 people sitting in the conference room to discuss whether it is worth for 1 hours? No budget activities, whether it is possible at a faster way to achieve? Of course in the development of the company need to manage financial, but also pay attention to the not possible in the plan, and to take action quickly.

documents and processes for repetitive tasks

who are the people in charge of the online meeting today? They may not have to do the work in the next two years. So when someone needs to do a new job, whether they know how to do? In a startup, repetitive tasks in execution often every time like to start, the best guide to behavior and lack of an all can follow. Therefore, please record the repetitive tasks and projects so that others can get started quickly and perform better.

as long as possible to retain the best talent

startups have a lot of talent, but if you know who is the most important person in the company, try to keep it

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