Blog is the most direct way to make money, Allen paid blog!

      see that as early Allen, many Wangzhuan site, the MLM website by pulling off the assembly line. But when I got to know, I was wrong. This is a blog, but unlike other blogs is that their website slogan is: "the payment of royalties of the blog, everyone is a columnist". Perhaps because of the sensitivity of the profession, I decided to take a closer look at how he works!

      home, I registered this blog, did not think that they were registered to send 10 yuan, it is as long as you registered their blog, perfect information, and fill out the Alipay information, you can apply for withdrawals of $10, this part is: pie in the sky! Just remember there are many alliances will be registered to send 10 yuan as bait to attract owners to join, but I didn’t get a blog site that can have both registered to send 10 yuan, can immediately mention now, a little fantastic!


blog built-in cash system!

      from the chart we can see that this account I have a gift of the amount of 10 yuan! Honestly, I do not want to understand the blog development today, the overall situation has been set, Allen in such a way can get what can change what? No wonder that the Internet burn badly, my experience is today!

      Booz paid blog, to distribute the reward according to the user’s original article click. I is not too much to understand how it works, but I have found that the statistics will be at the bottom of each article. Here you can see the difference with other blogs.

      the official blog has been paid for many times! Today a little attention, not a specific research work.

      just ready to stop writing only to find that they also provide: recommend the site to a friend, each successful registration of a user, you will get 0.5 yuan, the activities as of August 31, 2007. Such an activity. Unfortunately, however, only a few days after the date of the event. I can hardly imagine that such activities, for the webmaster, how easy to cheat ah! 5 hair a, do a few hundred a day is not a problem?

the site’s home page promotional pictures

      specific circumstances we can go to the site to see, I no longer say. Finish this article, I felt like the Gunners, for them to do publicity, but not, I just think that such a model may make money for many love blog friends good, blog also may.

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