10 ways to make money using Twitter


went to the community English see this article today about the translation, and share with you! English is not very good, laughed, which are not appropriate, please advice…… How to use Twitter to make money? Light this problem is worth $1 billion. How to generate economic benefits through Twitter, Twitter is very important for Twitter users is very important for the world’s marketing staff is more important.

with the decline of traditional marketing, marketers need to use new marketing tools such as Twitter and Facebook to create demand, generate benefits. Here are some ways to tell you how to use Twitter to make money.

1, answer people’s questions about the product

people use Google, YAHOO, MSN to search, how to use search engines to make money? That is, when people search for products and services.

The same is true of

Twitter’s money roll method. Ask a simple question, for example, "where can I buy a iPod headset?" if a Twitter user sends this message, then he will get the answer from his followers. In other words, if they are linked, the person may get a reply from the person who sells the headset cleaner.

makes Twitter into a Qian Shu, just like a search engine, the relevance is very important. It is a very good first step to make a positive or negative response to the information provided by the supplier. This will make marketers no longer send irrelevant information, have the effect of different approaches but equally satisfactory results with Google quality score.

so you can understand why Google is keen to buy Twitter, why the release of Google proposal (allowing users to search results rating and comment. Google is well aware of the social media is its biggest competitor.

2, for job seekers and recruitment units to build bridges

, like Craigslist, employers can publish job information at very low cost on Twitter. Users can select the information they need.

3, Twitter for the world’s top 500 companies to promote brand

world’s top 500 companies think they understand the network, in fact, is not the case. They believe that through micro blog marketing to keep up with the pace of Web 2 era. Do not believe the company will do such a thing? American Airlines and Lufthansa will try to set up their own social networks, but failed.

back in the 90s of last century, remember when every company wants to build its own portal? AT& T thinks people will make themselves

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