Alipay trust by dotting spread nternet

        independent third party payment platform, Alipay teamed up before the extension of interactive advertising network operators, to further promote the Internet trust plan in the latter dotting the advertising alliance. The purpose of the plan is to give the appropriate corporate and personal identification, while speeding up the construction of enterprises and individuals online credit files.

earlier, Alibaba had to borrow "dotting Product placement recruit member and provide the embedded keywords related industries" texts in advertising service based on their China suppliers and TrustPass members. With the 2006 Alipay strategic positioning in the core market transfer love echoes, 2007, Alipay will begin to promote the "transfer trust plan".

long extension interactive CEO Su Yi said that the lack of domestic reality of social credit environment, the bottleneck lies in the user’s distrust of consumer behavior. Therefore, we must vigorously develop the market. It is understood that the focus advertising through QQ with 163, TOM, and other domestic china.com core portal cooperation and vertical portals, has formed a cross media promotion platform.

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