A regional forum to earn one hundred thousand a year is no longer a dream

see more and more of the forum is very deserted, most like me to rely on the website did not eat what technology, I put my experience to share with everyone, hope to be able to give you some help, if you can benefit from my experience please support, if I feel in the Kua please don’t scold after all, everyone’s ideas are not the same, thank you! I will take down my experience of the site to talk about a Regional Forum on the process of making money, not to make money online first as the main focus, but to make money under the net as the core, I can not guarantee that everyone can earn in 10W one year, more or less according to the individual situation and other factors,


a, environmental

we want to build a regional forum, of course, the environment plays a leading role!

I take the city as an example, for your reference! My city is Xi’an, the level of consumption as though Beijing, Shanghai, but also moderate in the West; there is a variety of colleges and universities gathered; consumption is also a lot of places, relatively concentrated in the city center, for the night KTV, disco, bar etc.. In Xi’an, 40 large and small 50, perhaps not far to this figure, don’t forget that the students are the most able to spend money, of course, most of the money earned from the student body; there is beauty, beauty effect is always the best! These environmental factors after you make money on the road will help to your


do this station should be good at conversation, not to stick at trifles, strong adaptability, resolute! Have good organizational skills, with the ability to plan activities, if you have a friend to help you with that, well, after all, people more power! 1, 2 is enough! The best of success. Experience, haha, just kidding!

two, pre investment

into the 1 international domain name + number G space N N


first domain name choice in your local area, close to Pinyin, zip code, it is good to remember the key at will, OK, you want from the multi angle to choose a good rice, does not require expensive to buy, we can note, for example: Beijing Pinyin word + area code before the mother the people, ordinary people can easily remember! M choice lies in yourself!

The second is

into space, if their server is good, easy to manage, easy resource localization, after all they can not solve the problems in the virtual host for the first time! No server also never mind, a few G space can be, this according to their own circumstances, the best line in local, so can guarantee the access speed, certainly not in the local no matter, faster than


QQ group role, the promotion of the time come in handy! Below about


three, station

built a local forum, the forum program to choose according to their preferences, style selection is more refreshing

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