Wangzhuan tutorial, publicity wise remark of an experienced person

do Wangzhuan, publicity is essential (unless you have a high flow outside their own site, so not blindly) propaganda propaganda, there is a certain method, the following is my recent years do Wangzhuan propaganda has confirmed the method has obvious effect, we make up deficiencies.

first, ready to post their original title, choose the more popular keywords, if you want to hang up the nature of the publicity is so Wangzhuan, go to Baidu search "search hook Wangzhuan" will appear below the 9 keywords, the front is more popular, choose a suitable own Wangzhuan properties the key to the title. Then your post is easy to be searched.

second, looking for high quality, high PR value high ranking, the world forum to post, (for example: http://s.baidu.com/s? Wd=%C2%DB%CC%B3& cl=3), because only high quality forum to make your post as soon as possible by the engine (such as Baidu, Google, YAHOO) beenincluded was then ranked first. When someone went to search for your article ranking in front, click on your post naturally high probability.

third, according to the forum to speak, make some friends, each to a forum to pick up a post, to the forum, moderators or administrators had deleted light, is a kind of work practice. Smart friends earn only a post, he carefully edited some of the good-looking, and then they re register several number to "top", "top" more naturally higher rate, a high probability of hit rate is also high view. At this point you can collect this post the next time you go to the top". But do not expect too many people inside the forum to see your posts, the forum is to promote the people’s Congress, do your lower probability of offline. Really want to know about the situation of Wangzhuan people will go to Baidu, Google search more, these people do not charge your own slobber will become your downline.

finally, in advance I wish you a happy new year and webmaster, the source of money rolling!

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