Free dance pit 210 thousand mobile phone users in the value of about 6000000

SMS operators to sell the special service number to SMS Union, SMS alliance and then develop many webmasters. These three parties to use free registration crazy Internet users after defrauding money into. The website is free registration, in fact, as long as you put the mobile phone information is sent to a special service number, your mobile phone may have detained tens of dollars or even hundreds of yuan.

free registration did not see but detained 60 yuan to go.

"because it saw the free registration, see not money, afraid of what is registered. But I went in to see, there is nothing worth looking forward to the so-called wonderful program." Li Qi later told the police that his original idea.

like him "webmaster is very simple, can be said to be sitting at home waiting for money. As long as he built three or four sites, the cost of building a website is 100 to $200. This website is built after long-term use, as long as he sat on the Internet through QQ or through the forum to continue to publish, to allow more people to click on the site to be deceived on the line, he sat.

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