20click is a liar

recently a number of users in the promotion of a project called 20click click.

let’s look at some of the 20click:

their slogan: as long as you can use the mouse to click on the ads to see 20click to make money, just go to the Internet where anyone can do!

20click: click on the registration process to make money week due to click on the


1, what is 20click?

20click. Inc, was founded in the United States, we are committed to providing advertisers with rated number oriented user access, user clicks, questionnaires and other customized services for advertisers to provide a set of visits, data collection, user activity training, user loyalty training solutions.

with traffic, user retention time, user activity index, user loyalty become key factors determining the success of a website, a website also determines the sustainability of investment and financing.

20click’s new media business model is to allow advertisers to have enough time and chance to show their services and products in front of consumers. And 20click analysis of user interest, only to provide users interested in advertising click. Thus 20click new media model will affect the entire Internet advertising field.

2, what is click week?

click on the week is that users have the right to click on a cycle of advertising, usually 7 days a week. Such as 2007.10.1 to 2007.10.7 is a 7 day Click week.

click on the need to be scheduled for the week, only the success of a certain program can be scheduled to click on the click of the advertisement to make money.

3, how to make money through 20click?

1 you need to register a 20click account

2 is scheduled for a click week

3 Click on advertising



4, why do you click on the number of participants will be limited to


is mainly based on the main budget reasons, 20click can not meet all users, so we have to make a limit on the number of clicks per week.

5, why is scheduled to click on the week need margin?

deposit is to better maintain the stability of user income and control the quality of user work.


20click signed an agreement with the advertiser promised to advertisers the number of visitors and the number of clicks on the page or residence time, if you do not receive our users click margin will not be able to fulfill the task > click.

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