nterpretation of Chinese dating website model

The full name of SNS is social networking service, Chinese literal translation is "social network service", in the eyes of the public, SNS has become a network of friends and the concept of synonymous, but in fact the SNS concept has been far beyond the simple social network service platform, through the content and system of independent participants created by the application of SNS has expanded to more than a level on the internet. In the development of China SNS technology has just started, in the China fire class SNS website (social networking site) is the main online dating site, this is also the reason why there are a lot of people SNS website is equivalent to the dating website. In fact, SNS types of dating sites and traditional dating sites still have some differences, the theoretical basis of the SNS website is the first six degrees of separation theory is also called the small world theory, its essence is "between you and any stranger interval not be more than six people, that is to say, the most by six people you can know any of a stranger." The model is to make friends through friends to understand the transfer mode. The traditional dating site dating model is usually personal to individual, through a little outward radiation mode. Dating sites in China to develop today, but also the emergence of such two camps. Usually, people in the industry call "serious friends" and "life friends", I think it is more suitable for "communication" and "friends". The former is to follow the six dimensional theory, in a transmission mode formed a private circle, to find Birds of a feather flock together. "effect, in Chinese this kind of website is usually the communication partners or business opportunities in business, such as" liaison "," zhanzuo". While traditional dating sites follow the radiation type dating mode, looking for is usually their friends or partners, such as Jiayuan dating network". And like MOP friends, QQ group, such a comprehensive dating community it is difficult to define the pattern of their friends.

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