Google lawsuit again and again, corporate Adwords fraud and unfair treatment

      due to their web site in the Google search rankings, Adwords charges but refused to advertise, Mr. Wang in Beijing in June 14th will be sent to court Google.

      Mr. Wang said in the folk complaint, when he entered the company’s Web site name in the Google, the results of the first 1-25 items are all other web pages. This caused great damage to his company’s Web site, resulting in normal operation.

      due to the unequal treatment, Mr. Wang can only buy Google Adwords keyword advertising on its website. But after payment of the cost of advertising, advertising is Google to website popups and does not allow liquor by refusing to.

      Mr. Wang, his website is a legitimate business website, no pop-up ads, and the business license business scope of wine, also have health permits, business activities, fully comply with national laws and regulations. Google has sold Wine, wine and other keyword ads to other sites, Mr. Wang think this is unfair and injustice, "People’s Republic of China has violated the Anti Unfair Competition Law" sixth, People’s Republic of China "contract law" article fifty-second of the provisions of the fifth paragraph and the Supreme People’s Court on the application of the "People’s Republic of China contract law" interpretation of the provisions of article tenth, the provisions of laws and regulations.

      now, Mr. Wang to court for declaring the contract behavior to buy Google Adwords network advertisement is invalid, and required Google to return the collection of network advertising, while requiring the defendant to the plaintiff unfair website, not equal to make public acts of unfair competition and to constitute an apology. At the same time, Mr. Wang believes that unlicensed defendant Google’s Coogle web site a serious violation of his legitimate rights and interests infringed his fair and equal right to search traction, even bargain rights, constitute acts of unfair competition.

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