Google explain the use of Adsense channel

was the first to say a digression, I mainly use the Google browser, but Admin5 published an article, the article content area no editor, can only enter the text, all can only switch to IE. I hope Admin5 technicians can solve this problem.

just do a lot of friends do not understand the channel on the Adsense, the forum, QQ group (group number 63320707) often asked questions about the channel.

what is the channel it can be understood:

if you have a number of sites, each site has a number of locations to put Adsense ads, how to view the different domain names, the effect of different locations of the ad?

channel is to give a different domain name, the location of a different advertising logo, if set up channels, in view of the report, you can view the data according to different channels of advertising.

channel classification:

channels are divided into URL channels and custom channels. These two channels need to be set up in the channel management. When generating code, only custom channels need to be added to the code, the URL channel does not need to be added to the code, URL channels can automatically statistics.

channel settings:

click on the "Adsense settings" – "channel" in the "Adsense content advertising" label to add custom channels and URL channels.


if you have multiple sites on the site to vote for advertising, you can add custom channels to advertise the location of the channel named.


if you have more than one site, it is recommended to add URL channels, all domain names are added to the URL channel.


to add the domain name when the rules are shown below. In general, for example, your web site is http://s.bbs.chinese-adsense.cn, then fill in the bbs.chinese-adsense.cn, if the site is http://s.cqpc.cn, then fill in cqpc.cn (no WWW in front).



generates code, select the channel. Only add custom channels, URL channels without adding code.


view the report, click on the best channel, you can see the various channels (different domain names, different locations) of the data.


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