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editor’s note: 2013 Chinese Internet entrepreneurs (owners) conference in May is about to start, in order to show the global Chinese community style, the Organizing Committee of the general assembly (http://s.2013.loohua.com) combined spray DoNews, network and other media together to create a "global Chinese community billboard" series of interviews. The following is a reporter to connect Voices Online executive editor Xie Feng interview.



: Voices Online team

Q=Discuz! 2013 Internet entrepreneurs (webmaster) conference organizing committee

A= Voices Online executive editor Xie Feng

Q: just past 2012 is a year full of opportunities and challenges. On the one hand, Chinese users slowdown, is becoming saturated; on the other hand, accelerate the popularization of mobile devices, mobile Internet users increased significantly; do you change how to deal with the Internet environment? How to develop your website in

last year?

A: for any website for Internet users, China huge base, it is difficult to have an Internet business can Chinese users dig dig through resources. I think the growth rate of Internet users is not a problem, the market has been big enough, the biggest problem is how to deal with changes in the Internet from the end of the conduction and changes in the form and mode of industrial change.

The development trend of

voices began to focus on mobile Internet since 2011, and from the aspects of management structure, personnel, product design and make the corresponding adjustments, the mobile Internet has become as important as the traditional Internet business tilt even preferred.

should be said that the decline of the traditional Internet and mobile Internet era, the user does not have too many in the traditional loss, but the mobile terminal become another user of our growth pole. Last year, the profit will be close to 60 million voices online.

Q: the trend of mobile Internet has been very clear, the location of your site will therefore be adjusted? How to adjust?

A: the concept of mobile Internet is not a content model or product model, which is a terminal of the concept of our construction to do what the mobile Internet content or what product is the key. Voices Online positioning is a comprehensive information service provider, for us, life is the mobile Internet in the next two years we will focus on the construction of the project. According to the characteristics of the mobile terminal users in the central city of Changsha, to create a number of local users to meet the needs of practical and service products, so that they look good, easy to use, fun.

Q: in terms of website management, what is the difference in your team size and composition, compared with previous years? Is there any need to introduce venture capital?

A: Voices Online Limited by Share Ltd founded in recent years, every year a big step. Talent introduction

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