Listen to Yang Haoyong talking about how to change the height of ganji.com fushuai from grass root

chat with Yang Haoyong, China increasingly feel that the Internet is a grass root is the king of the market, you put the grass root have good service, you can become rich handsome. By this way, YY, fortune 9158 giants, Yang Haoyong grand, now with his ganji.com also through this model in just a few years from the grass root becomes rich handsome.

Yang Haoyong’s idea is very simple, is summed up in two words: one is concentrating on the 2 and 3 line of the city; two is the flagship mobile terminal. The removal of public relations, speculation and exaggerated ingredients, this time we asked him to share the hope of providing some reference for dry cargo business or for business people. Specifically, in recent years they have done the following things:

1, when the rise of the gold rush in San Francisco, many gold miners did not earn money, but the big money to sell jeans earned. Yang Haoyong think, when Soufangwang, live off and other similar rivals will be the main battlefield in the first tier cities, two or three lines of urban real estate market is likely to be ignored opponents. In fact, in the regulation of multiple national policy and continued pressure on prices, first-tier cities has shown a slowing housing market trend, and the rise of returning home boom to a certain extent promote a substantial increase of two or three line of the city’s real estate market. In Beijing, for example, in February new home transactions fell 67.49%, second-hand housing turnover continued to decline in the chain of 37.97%. Corresponding to this is, after starting the year in Tianjin, Qingdao, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Changchun second city second-hand housing market supply and demand.

this case, in first-tier cities and opponents recklessly, putting more money and resources, the effect will be even worse, this time, the tentacles of the two or three line of the city.

Promotion of

2, the two or three line of the city is the most effective advertising bombing, in the past few years, the subway and bus ganji.com in two or three line City bombing carried out a lot of advertising, the investment to expand the visibility Ganji, for example in Wuhan, the Mianyang city ganji.com than doing real estate professional housing network visibility bigger.

3, the mobile terminal is ganji.com obtained important weight rapid growth. Yang Haoyong said that as of February this year, the average daily 3 million 405 thousand people looking for houses in Ganji, 53% of them from the wireless side. And the two or three line of life in the city a lot of life is the first time users from the mobile phone started. Real estate business ganji.com the rapid growth of mobile terminals, first-tier cities the growth rate was 40%, second and three line city traffic growth of 100%, and growth rate are the highest in the industry first.

and the traditional cognition is different, perhaps first-tier cities intelligent mobile phone users close to saturation, Ganji statistical data show that the wireless subscriber growth is higher than that of the two or three line of the city first-tier cities at present, ganji.com wireless terminal at the first-tier cities the growth rate of only 40%, but in the two or three line of the city growth will reach 100%.

4, from the time point to 2010, Ganji began to set up a wireless Internet sector, development and layout of the mobile terminal. "

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