Do Wangzhuan have to do the preparatory work before

often see someone in the online shopping, found a good project, click on the registration address to go in, but because they do not have the web site requires a mailbox and network bank accounts and blocked. To go through the registration, Wangzhuan project, do the preparatory work in advance is compulsory for each staff to engage in wangzhuan.

first, registered Alipay account. Because many domestic Wangzhuan projects support Alipay to pay. Is currently the most popular online payment platform.

second, registered mailbox. Foreign Wangzhuan project will send an activation link at the time of registration, this mailbox is used to receive the activation link. You can activate your account only by clicking on the activation link. It does not support domestic mail such as QQ, 163, 126, Sina, etc..

recommend the use of Gmail mailbox (http://s.gmail.com); or Hotmail (http://s.www, hotmail.com, registered after the election suffix hotmail.com, do not use the default live.cn)

third certified international bank account network PayPal: (http://s.paypal.com) PayPal, PP, PP account is your e-mail, international payment platform, the website to pay you dollars or euros. Support more than and 100 national currencies. At present, PayPal launched the Chinese version, the language bar can be selected to jump to the Chinese language interface.

fourth certified international bank account network AlertPay: (http://s.alertpay.com) AP, AP account is your electronic mailbox, is similar to the PayPal of a new generation of online banking website, give you a dollar or Euro with this payment to you. International payment platform to support the currencies of more than and 100 countries.

fifth, at the same time in the registry to open an online translation window, can be carried out at any time in English translation, so that registration is more smooth.

note: foreign Wangzhuan project, some only support PP payments, some only support Ap payments, some PP and AP support, if you do more projects, two are registered.

do all of the above work, you can go to do Wangzhuan project. I wish you success!


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