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article on the personal experience of novices to Wangzhuan Wangzhuan published in A5, there is a lot of friends and I QQ to ask, I feel very happy. For a newcomer, Wangzhuan is the most attractive place to be able to earn extra money in leisure time, only need a computer with an Internet can make money is no longer a dream. But in the face of many dragons and fishes jumbled together Wangzhuan project, we aim to make money, but how much we don’t just want to It differs from man to man., cheated on the line.

today I will tell you is the most basic one of the tasks of Wangzhuan, website registration.

website registration, as the name suggests, is home to the home (customers) released the task (to do the task, let people) to register home to go to home by site. Home purposes by others registered. One to achieve the purpose of website publicity, the second is to increase the flow of the site, the third to retain the original customers, mining potential customers.

usually, short-term tasks will be conducted in the home for a period of time, and generally spend 50 yuan will be able to reach the purpose of short-term propaganda.

is now the home.

many kinds of registration task requires to change the home computer (just after registration) IP, which brings great trouble to the home, if broadband interface to pull to pull, it is troublesome, also it is easy to damage the cat, it brings us a lot of trouble, another we will continue to remove the page in the cache, but we as a novice, do the task is really no way, only according to the customer request.

that some people may ask me, what other methods do, my answer is no, this is the purpose of this task is important, if you have a website, do not change the registration of IP, then the site is not a big loss, because you only need to register a website 2, 30 seconds you can exchange for a yuan of money. That many people will ask, so how to do.

I tell you registered for Wangzhuan Wangzhuan novice, just pre entry, you do not intend to do for a long time, because of the long time to do the task, your patience will be away. Here let us note that the website registration now mostly need (for mobile phone verification code), email (email verification), bank card number, you’d better find a mobile phone within a month can use number (I think the novice to do the registration task just for a month, just for the mailbox) one can, but also to find a bank card number of no use, do not use frequently, because once you do not register tasks, will receive a previously registered website message, annoying things. As for those tasks that need broken broadband do not do a good, registration tasks say much more, less said also many, one day to earn a few dollars a dozen yuan to the novice a lot, do nothing to say.

note: now a lot of registered sites are not very formal, are some small

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