A5 essay SEO road dream into reality

introduction: Wang Xiaocai himself, but I love my SEO are called the 7 ghost ghost friends, presumably some friends heard of me this SEO bound " neonatal " contact the word SEO time two years. I believe in reading this article, the term "7 ghosts" recognition will be many people know.

about the essay 7 ghost conceived for a few days, at the same time before writing this article, carefully read the previous twenty essay. Each have a lot of feelings after watching, like SEO 7 ghost road is not a person in the struggle, we are under a lot of a bet for the bright future, sacrifice their youth or with love, time to accompany their parents in learning SEO. Wish everyone in the SEO industry is a snapshot of the dream into reality.

today, 2012.6.17 – father’s day, I wish Dad a happy holiday, really want to say in front of my father. At the same time, I wish all the fathers in the world: peace, peace, joy and happiness.


of early deathAfter graduating from the

7, it proved that "graduation means unemployment."".

7 ghost professional with SEO no relationship, even in the computer has nothing to do – CNC Technology (mechanical manufacturing).

I do not like the other SEOer has experienced many ups and downs is exposed to SEO, 7 ghosts at school because my roommate rendering, the initial contact with the SEO, some basic concepts, so in later get started faster. At that time, there is no analysis of the SEO industry, so I still like other students rushed to a state-owned enterprises in Nanjing to go to work. The life let me idle panic, dazed and confused me, there is no plan to stay down into the factory, indeed, three months after I left the state-owned enterprises.

then someone asked me to leave the regret? 7 ghost did not say no regrets, I said: "I try to make myself do not regret it, because the road has now, only in the past but also cannot bear to think of the past, SEO way to work hard, try to make yourself do not regret."

left Nanjing to go to Nantong, Nantong, where the work is very tired, in Nantong, I am trying to make my own peace of mind – do not quit. However, it is still the same, no more than three months I left, I wrote in the resignation of the resignation of the reasons are: at home (as I expected, will explain the matter).

left Nantong on the way home in the car, think about this a few years in the past few years, the university did not work out, so take a crumpled diploma back home (A5 Corporation in Xuzhou, Xuzhou and the 7 ghost home city), so back really feel lost somewhere in the car and decided to go home after a period of rest to go.

said in front of my resignation that it was "something in the house", 7 ghosts

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