The actual share entrepreneurship, to create enterprise culture

even if it is not a day to instill corporate culture, you can not do anything, or occasionally think only to strengthen the.


Christopher Hann


in the field of business, success is not only a pile of dazzling sales data, but rather some deeper philosophy: what is your enterprise’s lifeline? You want to pass what value to customers and employees? The excellent enterprise road, began in the establishment and embracing the positive, highly efficient enterprise culture.

5 years ago, Mike West founded BPV Capital Management company, and he led the joint venture investment companies to go by like the wind speed expansion. In 2013 alone, the Knoxville, a Tennessee based company, has a workforce of nearly 38, almost double. When we explore the mysteries of rapid growth with West, he first mentioned hard work and innovation. However, he also pointed out that since the beginning of the formation of the important role of corporate culture.

West BPV described the corporate culture for the moderate "tension" and "relax", which is a relaxation. How do you think this is a very mysterious culture? "I think if you need to accomplish a task, you have to develop a way to let go and go all out." West said, "but if you’re going to be creative, innovative and constructive, you need to be free, smiling, and relaxed."

ignite the wisdom of corporate culture sparks, is a very important step in the beginning of the establishment of entrepreneurial companies. But how to continue the sparks of fire of corporate culture, is a company from the business team to dozens of people and even the very important process of hundreds of thousands of people in the expansion of a daily training work. On the leadership of the office, down to the mail room, and even the country, around the world office, are required to conduct corporate culture training.

today, anyone who says corporate culture does not have a shoe business Zappos nodded, this enterprise with a high level of customer service and proactive brand awareness and reputation in the industry, known as "the home of Zappos core values". According to the Zappos Insights manager Christa Foley said, because of its corporate culture sought after, in order to meet the needs of the public to experience the urgent desire of the Zappos enterprise culture, Zappos will be its new headquarters located in the former Las Vegas city hall open daily 4 times visit. It is reported that about 120 people a day free visit.

"at Zappos, you can see how employees interact." Foley said, "you will find that employees are very happy, intoxicated with their own work. Our company does not have a uniform dress code, but encourages employees to wear their own clothes. You can see all kinds of balloons

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