Promotion plan for novice station operation

This paper mainly tells

to do station novice

goal: through this promotion to enhance the visibility of the site, visit IP, PV, Alexa rankings. Through the promotion of the site to improve the real flow, to achieve the purpose of sales.

a free promotion:

1 first, with a perfect program, the program as much as possible to use the generated htm. The benefits of static pages (1) to speed up the page to open the browser speed (2) is conducive to search engine included. Program security is very important, it is recommended to use JSP. Or PHP can also, he will not write, please help you do it, there is not a few money. I can not find you can trust me, I help you find someone to do procedures. Selected space.

2 for SEO optimization. SEO has become a subject, many sites more than 60% of the traffic is caused by the search engine, the use of certain technical means (non cheating), according to the search engine ranking rules, the website structure and website technology and related processing, make the site in the search results are displayed in the rankings to obtain. Get more customers click rate. For example, the text editor to improve keyword (keywords) appeared in the pages of the frequency, position, writing, so as to meet the web search engine indexing program, improve your search engine ranking. I think the technician in the process of writing, will also take into account the. But not necessarily good, do not understand the SEO to search, simple learning. My station is optimized to do want to row to Baidu home.

3 site links, the lowest cost in this way, and can be long-term, lasting and stable play a role. The use of their own resources to find some related types of PR value high, included good website Links.

4 ad swaps, when the site traffic is very low, you can consider advertising and other sites to exchange, so as to achieve the purpose of promotion.

5 in the major sites to leave traces of the site links, just leave traces can, can’t crazy to send spam posts, advertising. The most common way is to leave a link in a large forum. Now a lot of forums in the short term account is not allowed to post the theme of the post, and if he thinks you are advertising, then you will soon be deleted, we do not need to waste time here. The purpose of leaving traces is to increase the reverse link. To improve the site’s weight. Increase the PR value, flow.

6 is a separate page for each statistical code are hung, and every time of origin data. Timing analysis of statistical data, to understand the flow background, IP, PV, keyword, browse the depth of information. This is very simple, do not stand can quickly understand.

7 temporarily not in the station window, hanging and other types of advertising antithetical couplet, floating. Internet users hate this form of advertising.

network promotion infinitive, a lot of methods. A lot of parties

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