Like to use the forum to build a friend

Recently a lot of official DV, DISCUZ, LEADBBS jar, and the new molyx.We all love that compared the different program to do

1 I really need what kind of program? Talking about the location of websiteI also love the first

first said my jar. I was for our Hainan local students, fashion and entertainment content preferences, so we need is a powerful and stylish atmosphere of the forum, but because we have experienced hacker incidents (when using lb), so the security problem is concerned, once to VBB, but because the function cannot meet our forum as a fashion student needs, and ultimately did not hesitate to choose the commercial program DV. While our jar scale is now more than 20 thousand registered users, more than 1 million posts every day, an average of more than 200 online posts, average above 2000……

2 to talk about the so-called security

website was hacked, you have to see it for herself? You said that DV security can not, why others on the good not black? I think it is more important for our lack of security awareness, some people put the forum, even the database suffix does not change, as I see it is deserved to be black! But the data backup is important, even if you have a perfect program can not rule out the natural calamities and man-made misfortunes?

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