Regrets about the late Google Adsense

Google’s payments are lower than they promised this month. But it is too speechless!

26 did not show when the payment is, which can not help but let the webmaster friends have a variety of ideas. Some time ago, a friend of Admin5 published an article on Google AdSense is still not being paid, the article has expressed the aspirations of the majority of owners.

used when No. 25 shows are "payment", No. 28, Western Union will be able to see the monitor. The payment is relatively late, and the direct use of bank transfer of the owners, the early payment. About Google payment is now divided into two steps: first bank transfer payment in processing such as remittance account.

April 30th, I opened the computer early to see if the Google payment is not, but unfortunately, still shows that the payment is". After lunch, wait again at Google Adsense, or did not see the number of Western Union monitoring. At this point, quite disappointed. As we all know, May 1st is the beginning of the 3 day holiday.

wait until 11 in the evening, I landed on the Google adsense. Finally paid… But I’m quite speechless. Although in their commitment within the next month, the number 30, but for NOKIA Google such as the money sent to the holiday of the webmaster, this holiday I am afraid only in front of the computer to stay.

although Google currently supports the transfer of domestic bank cards, but I believe that many webmaster and I, or like to go directly to the post office (Agricultural Bank, China Everbright Bank) to receive it. The first is the issue of fees, direct access is not required fees, if the transfer through the bank, but also need to charge a considerable part of the fees, so it is quite worthwhile.

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