Why do you want to mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff is often counterproductive

writer is Scott Blanchard and Ken Blanchard, Scott Blanchard Certified is the co-founder of Ken, is the author of many books on leadership. They believe that many companies in employee motivation and mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, should change the idea:

on the company’s machine, CEO operates two levers that regularly affect the company. The first is to increase or reduce the strategic plan, and the other is to control the hiring of key personnel, to ensure that the right person in the right place.

these two levers will work well in many of the factors that affect the company’s success, but it can not play a role in employee dedication. Even after years of trying, many companies still have little effect on improving employee engagement. Employees are not dedicated to 70%, and Gallup in the late 90s the first release of the same data.

why is it so hard to improve in this area, simply because you can’t control your motivation?. Although the traditional control method of "carrot and stick" will affect employee behavior in the short term, but they do not create motivation, that can let the people like today’s complex work environment required to work, and work together to.

It’s time to change the idea of

social sciences circles to know: "carrot and stick" idea, from the point of view of its core, is a control method, and people always refused to be controlled. Even if they do not openly resist, they still hate some compulsive behavior.

people always have their own ideas and attitudes towards their working environment. They determine what their best interests are based on their own perceptions of what is going on or robbing them of happiness. Study on Edward Deci and Richard Ryan of University of Rochester based on our recently discovered in the research on motivation and passion for the work of the staff, for autonomy, the relationship between demand (need to develop interpersonal relationship) and ability view is to decide whether an active employees in the company, and make efforts to become an excellent employee factors.

we have found that the key to motivation is not to try to direct or control people’s energy, but to give people a chance to be successful in their work, and give them a certain degree of freedom. The important thing is to let go, let people and work naturally linked, rather than guide, organize, plan and focus on people’s behavior.

the role of senior leadership

senior leadership in the creation of the company is an important role in the atmosphere. Senior leadership will set the tone for the company’s attitude. However, many companies are still dominant or recessive to resist these three incentives in the setting.

, for example, a female employee recently told us that

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