How to use blog to earn RMB

now do a website is not easy, and it is time consuming, if we do a blog it is super simple things, so now the blog is more and more, blog has gradually become an indispensable part in the life of Internet users. Have a lot of friends in thinking, how to use blog to earn extra money? Today, 99 Wangzhuan nets and share some experience: how to use the blog to earn RMB


first: use your blog to market some of your own business.

is my personal love has been such a sentence: to help others is to help yourself! I always love to learn some of their own experience to write out and share with everyone, and we can get some of the things they need from my experience, may also help you take some in the detour in the network business process. At the same time, I am also very good to carry out a smooth and silent advertising. As long as you are to provide services to others, you can use their own blog to help themselves a good marketing.

second: use blog to sell other people’s products into.

second ways to make money is to sell products, sell products are divided into two kinds: the first is to sell their own products, the other is to help others sell products in the middle of a little into. To sell their products to the vast number of friends is obviously not realistic, so we can choose the second. You will be able to see the film, you can read the novel, it will certainly use some commodities and so on. If you feel that you are doing well, you can use some of your feelings and recommendations. Then add a link to the product’s sales link on your blog, and then bring the sales, you will be able to get a commission of the profits.

third: put some ads on your blog to make money.

who will advertise to your blog? How to want to advertise advertisers? And so on, these are every day I received one of the most common problems of many users, in fact, this problem is almost not a problem. You can use the money to make money from other advertising alliances, so you don’t have to work hard every day to find advertisers. If you do pay per click advertising, I suggest you do Google Adsense. or Baidu union alliance, Adsense service is really very good, but Baidu’s union alliance is also very good, I do not have to say, I believe that we all know, please see below to reference.

so how do you use your own blog to do Adsense ads and Baidu union alliance?

first step: register Google Adsense account

registration application address (Google):https://s.google.com/adsense >

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