Written to 1000-5000 P webmaster brothers

Many webmaster friends asked me, the site is not easy to do 1000 IP, and what to do to make money union. Time is not busy, I will go to see the nature of his site type.Look for help

like farmers receiving more grain intensive and meticulous farming. But do not cheat, I am not responsible for the closure, the scale of their own to grasp)    

flow is not the best of each page to get statistics (statistics can be placed in the span is not displayed)     analyze which flow page, can also separate similar advertising

in some rubbish search page, or no value of the page, you can also put out the advertisement.

advertising, can choose a half page banner,         and   antithetical couplet;;   1000 IP can earn 10 yuan a day,     union don’t choose too much, choose several comprehensive alliance platform on the line

or 100 hair money time is very difficult. Do 2-3 home integrated platform received 300500 a month.

this with the same seedling production, easy to have, and let us in the 300500 bad habits in     Xiaofujian psychological form.     after a long period of wandering in cheating

virtuous circle. Be sure not to appear objectionable advertising, there is no money, you can consider cooperation, borrowing or financing.

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