Three kinds of owners who never make money

No matter the most

the beginning of what is the purpose of the site, the last point is through the web site to make money, after all, money is the hard truth! Decided the fate in their daily thoughts and actions you have decided, as a webmaster, if you can give your site to bring a clear profit model, feed web site. If you have the following three types of phenomena, it is recommended that you quickly get rid of this problem, because it will affect your "money"!

1, there is a kind of webmaster, people asked "what do union"

"there is no good union, to recommend what" and so on such issues. With the heel think all know, this problem is not the answer and the result, you think ah, people know the pattern can make money to tell you free, not secretly in money. So this kind of webmaster is from the station began to ask to the end, can only sigh: in the past, if so, then I now how.

2, the site of some of the technology is far worse than me, and now he can stand every day tens of thousands of IP

I didn’t

so webmaster for creative, he can earn tens of thousands a month, why not me? But when I really started to do, and do not mind, think this mode is good, but too tired, the model is also good, but the effect is too slow, it was standing still. Ma said: think about a thousand roads at night, get up in the morning to take the original road.

3, there is a kind of webmaster, see other webmaster do good, today, such as school, tomorrow to learn that


results for a long time, did not really sink in the heart to think what is the basic reason for other webmaster success without their own ideas just follow the crowd.

for more than three kinds of webmasters often make mistakes, we simply analyze:

is the first station which belonged to the type of people in his whimsical, lack of mind for the future, the total ignorance of success and the hope in others, the final result as can be imagined.

second kinds of webmaster is willpower is not enough, lack of action.

third is not able to get down to the site, it is fundamental, as if I know this station ( You know the last successful webmaster is always the most able to adhere to the webmaster, think and do any successful stationmaster indispensable qualities, not these mistakes happen again, recognize their own strengths, confirm a pattern, stick to it, don’t be jealous of others for

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