How to get more benefits from the advertising alliance

talked about "advertising alliance" I want to webmaster friends know, are also more familiar than I. It is the source of revenue for most websites. Now at home and abroad, there are many advertising alliance. Do better in the country, there are many more well-known. I have read a report that China’s online advertising valuation is 14 billion. Such a large number of small and medium sites we should think about how they can get more.

"advertising alliance" is composed of three main parts: advertisers, website owners and advertising alliance platform. Advertisers in accordance with the actual effect of online advertising paid to the site owners. The main site is through the advertising alliance platform, choose their own site advertisers, and then hang up the advertiser’s ad to improve their income. That is, the flow of the site into their own income.

early Ma said, the Internet "winter", I think a lot of people in the industry will feel this is a joke at the time. After the outbreak of the global financial crisis, so that the Internet has been hit hard. The operation of a large number of large and medium-sized sites have been affected to varying degrees. Have slowed down the pace of progress. What’s more, we are small and medium sites, we small and medium sites in such a cold winter how to continue to operate, how to have more profit. This has become the focus of urgent need to address. Then choose a suitable for their own site advertising alliance is particularly important. Prior to joining the webmaster friends have to do something about the investigation. Choose a good advertising alliance can refer to several principles:

1: integrity: integrity is the fundamental survival of the advertising alliance, as an advertising alliance, they also see very important. So webmaster friends before joining, be sure to know their own webmaster.

2: payment time: payment time is as the most concerned about the issue of joining the webmaster. If you are just starting to do, then you’d better choose some payment cycle is relatively short, and now there are a lot of advertising alliance will be paid in a way to attract the owners of the main plus

3: advertising content: advertising content is related to the vital interests of the site, the webmaster can choose according to their own site to choose their own advertising content and alliance.

4: the strength of the company: the strength of the advertising alliance has always been the object of pursuit of the site owners. This is related to whether the site owners can get their own small income on time.

it, or to the user to experience to know the quality of advertising alliance. I have been familiar with some of the advertising alliance cited, and share with everyone. We communicate with each other. Let those who enter the novice less detours.

1 "Google Adsence": when it comes to Google advertising alliance, we are all for having heard it many times. This is definitely the leader in the advertising alliance. Has always occupied the leading position in the industry. Its price is the highest in the industry. In the face of

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