Dai Zhikang angel investment is to see people do not see things

Dai Zhikang is generally known as the original CEO, vice president of Tencent comsenz. But he still has an identity is an angel investor, and his "virgin investment" for November 12th in Hongkong just Burson Marsteller interactive IPO founder, CEO Zhang Wei. In the afternoon of the 27 day, Dai Zhikang and Zhang Wei, Sequoia Capital Chinese partner Kui Zhou three good gay friend in entrepreneur will share his investment and boyaa interactive in Zhou Hongyi’s auspices, including how to "blow" Zhang Wei, how he "forced" to adjust the business direction.

will be the scene in the entrepreneurial state, in Zhang Wei, Dai Zhikang and Zhou Kui jointly broke under the financing process boyaa interactive is very clear and vivid presentation.


Zhang Wei

Zhou Hongyi in a joint investmentWhen

Zhang Wei in the liberal arts and fast money first to find Zhou Hongyi, Dai Zhikang and Zhou Hongyi is the angel investor, just when Dai Zhikang hands a little spare cash. So Zhou Hongyi took Dai Zhikang Zhang Wei Zhou Hongyi planned to invest together, voted 2 million for Zhang Wei, but because Dai Zhikang had only 500 thousand yuan, two people each 500 thousand joint investment Zhang Wei, but still accounts for the original agreed shares. Here also reflects the great wisdom of Zhang Wei, not afraid of losing mentality. He said that in fact, whether it is 1 million or 2 million, in fact, the difference is not large, he saw the resources of the people of the two and his guidance. From the interactive scene of Dai Zhikang and Zhang Wei can be seen, two people now like a good buddy, Zhang Wei said he is still in Dai Zhikang’s words: "I just impressed both give you a suggestion is not only a value of 1 million." And Dai Zhikang did give Zhang Wei a lot of investment advice. Boyer interaction in IPO, Dai Zhikang was cast by 500 thousand is reportedly also has harvested over 300 times the return.

hard hit Zhang Wei let him adjust the direction of

In fact,

, two are Dai Zhikang and Zhang Weigang contact mutual disdain. Zhang Wei felt that he was younger than his age, and he did Discuz. And Dai Zhikang felt that in addition to clinging to the body as if there is no bright spot, age is not small, Zhang Wei.

Zhang Weigang started doing online chat room, when he was given to Zhou Hongyi and the first page of the business plan of the book is written in the fight to defeat the QQ group……" At that time, two people hit by Zhou Kang to no, "we’re desperately against him and put him against Mongolia, he will listen to you" said Dai Zhikang, in the two person’s suggestion, Zhang Weicai did after a visit from the chat room to do the game, start doing Dezhou poker.

investment people do not see things

and Dai Zhikang why his "virgin" vote for Zhang Wei, he said: "China many entrepreneurs have a quality, dedication, strong execution, love thinking, spirit, these people were supposed to be successful, but the lack of pro.