Money money dump from now on


said garbage station, because without their own profitable projects in the eyes of my website, meaning that by relying on the search for the union station all called garbage station, station money and so-called traditional industries, or have their own unique service and profit project site is not as the garbage station is the pursuit of profit is now also the immediate interests of the big flow.

remember A5 figure Wang said such a sentence, make money from your first IP start, do not think about their own IP on the thousands of dollars trying to think of money to put advertising. I very much agree with his words, but also the time to make this sentence as a criterion for my money, or even colleagues laughed at me in the site of the wool, the entire site in addition to advertising or advertising. Even IP doesn’t even have a lot of ads… Hehe (a little bit exaggerated) by pressing them to put an ad on OK. Or if the site has a certain amount of IP to earn. I don’t agree with this view of money. Here I just want to say if you want to rely on the website (station) money webmaster, if you want to make money, if you do the site’s purpose and intention is to make money, if you stand there is no long-term development goals, if you do not even know the station in addition to advertising alliance also rely on money what, if you also think that their website is rubbish station category, then make money from your first IP start, don’t abandon IP now earn too little.

advertising, not to consider the user experience, if you do not think to consider the user experience or exclaimed his money, after all, this station do not serve the user, nor what hobbies fire public service stations, just rely on a keyword, by a keyword in a search engine the ranking of the flow. This is also the source of most of the garbage station traffic, so we should put these useless traffic to the time and maximize the conversion to cash and money. Do not think about the long-term or even rely on this site allows you to earn a lifetime, this is just a daydream, there may be tens of thousands of IP today, tomorrow is not happy to search your K, dozens of IP are possible. In the search of the world, what kind of things happen in the webmaster’s network world.

ten thousand IP can make a lot of money, of course, different types of station revenue is not no comparison, here take the movie station flow, ten thousand IP day 10 are not, but some people can put the ten thousand IP a day 300 yuan, some owners to pop out fear of affecting the user experience. Registered a advertising alliance came to an end, some even just a GG, a IP a knife point. This involves advertising alliance type and choice, anyway, if the flow out of the day. OK. garbage station is not long, not even tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, enough to earn enough today.

not only to make money to pursue traffic, it is not blindly to the pursuit of how much of the number of IP, IP generation

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