News that Shanghai will love with the SFDA cooperation or the introduction of pharmaceutical product

360 search and instantly search cooperation style (TechWeb pictures)

data show that medical advertising accounted for revenue of about 30% love Shanghai. Previously, 360 in search and game in Shanghai has been criticized love is not real information of love Shanghai medical advertising. However, some analysts have pointed out that love Shanghai in cooperation with the food and Drug Administration will not have a substantial impact on the medical advertisement. (Tao Chi

, the love of Shanghai in cooperation with the food and drug administration, will also launch a similar exposure table and instantly search products, instant drug class web search, the official exposure table, medical assistants and other products.

[TechWeb] News reported in February 22nd, it was announced today, love Shanghai will also cooperate with the State Food and drug administration, the introduction of food and drug administration data, introduced the relevant medical products. This message is not for the love of Shanghai.

According to insiders revealed to TechWeb )

earlier, in February 21st, 360 announced the search and instantly search’s people’s daily strategic cooperation, cooperation includes full access to the State Food and Drug Administration drug query data, the joint operation of the network exposure table and food safety section.

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