Stand swarm optimization article how to avoid home is right down

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said the establishment of the station program, because I have a part of the site was down right home page or K page (K home page the most direct judgment is the love of Shanghai enter the URL, the search box does not appear in the site index is illustrated by K), I immediately to this group of stations in the investigation, found that many drop right home page that is because the chain, because I use a emlog blog system, the page list of articles often appear sprocket. Thus, I defined as "Links punishment"; and compared with the dedecms program, using de>


station group optimization, must seize the love Shanghai update law


Luoping in the Shanghai station in love update swarm optimization summary, reduce or even avoid the page down the right

why rankings?Why is

, we need to spend a lot of effort and time to analyze.

snapshot not update

love the early morning of May 6th, Shanghai once again updated, I began to think that just a website update, then see a lot of webmaster website, we originally the snapshot for a few days ago (I pay special attention to some of the webmaster snapshot not update, and at the station) when all updated, more strange is that many stations are updated snapshot in 28, No. 29.

on 22 April Luoping Shanghai dragon blog published a station how to avoid the problem of low weight of this article, mainly in the Shanghai dragon group, said the new station on the line and must do the site within the chain, so as to consolidate the weights of the home page. This time I combined with the individual operation of 50 website to sum up the data, and a failure to update the May 6th love Shanghai, is entirely factual basis, combined with the analysis results, master can be ignored, is completely new operating table, Bozhuan kazakhstan.


every day on A5 news, A5 is my greatest mentor engaged in construction site, because in A5, I can learn a lot of knowledge, I slowly learned journal articles, published "the last time this website main keywords ranking drop", as we all know, whether the judgment method of web page down right is the most direct input command: site: web site, such as the Luoping site:www.luoping.info blog; if the home is not found in the index list of the first position, you can determine the home has been down right, especially the sex Shanghai optimization, page down the right, means the site optimization failure, ranking and traffic are gone.

, the first selected station program, and make the structure optimization.

love Shanghai every update, will bring many new problems, this is the webmaster in website optimization in the process of assessment.

home page down the right


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