Love the sea index tool to upgrade the webmaster of the gospel to you

NO2: love sea index and real collection have much error

NO1: if there was a direct query love sea index of the amount of


August 28th love Shanghai Webmaster Platform announcement: the last two days many sites included the number fluctuations, the reason is that the site command error, in fact, the site command have been collected on the estimated value, it is clear to everyone, see included data is still the best view love Shanghai index. This is the site command must be accurate, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform August 31st announcement, with sea index tools upgrade adds new features: Custom query. Notice that Shanghai will continue to upgrade the love index tool for webmasters, this is great news, means to deal with love Shanghai website problems, in order to more accurately understand the ZhengZhan collected volume, it is only one copy of URL, and then use the love to go to Shanghai to check one by one. Or development tools to query, there are many online query tool is included, according to this principle to design. For the love you have what sea index tool suggestions or comments?

why there are many people love Shanghai dragon or webmaster using the site command, and not used in sea index tools, the reason is very simple, that is the site command is very simple and direct in love with sea under their own site domain can know the collection. Of course, this data is not accurate, especially when the love of Shanghai command error, according to this idea, Shanghai love can launch a direct query with index of the amount of sea order? Wouldn’t it greatly facilitate the query we included in the site, but love Shanghai has started to upgrade the index tools. As long as love Shanghai webmaster statistics we can see, the truth is very good, in addition to the site command, we often use a command: domain, the chain data used to query the site, is only relevant domain for this query command. The chain data and the actual difference, love Shanghai webmaster statistics tool background also has a chain query function, but the personal feeling of


certainly is in love with the sea index amount also has error, especially those encountered large website, because it is very large, the site command is very inaccurate, but again, fall in love with the sea index of how much the amount of error and the true included? This is probably only according to the data to compare and analysis the. In my opinion, directly copy URL to fall in love with the sea should be more accurate, but the need for such a tool, the problem in Shanghai Longfeng collection has been the most headaches, especially those large sites, or some special type of site, for example picture site. Want to do ZhengZhan optimization, included is certainly the first to consider the issue, compared with the site command, with sea index tool nature is more accurate, for the general station, there should be no problem what. There is one thing more interesting, just love Shanghai in August 28th Webmaster Platform said "

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