On purely for the several ways of optimization of the Shanghai Dragon

in addition, perhaps for the majority of traditional articles will at the end of the part summarizes the reason of the whole article, a method for improving the degree of correlation appear at the end of the article is also recognized as the target keywords.

target keywords optimization, usually in order to make the statement more smooth and use other forms of keywords. When you write the.

is currently online more generally is the keyword density control in 2%~8%, the author does not deny its correctness. But according to my observation of low density 1%~2% page to get the ranking is not. So in general, the article page keywords short piece of two to three times on the line. Longer article page keywords appear 5~8 times is enough, do not be too elaborate keywords. As long as the normal writing, the natural words on the OK.

the purpose of this paper is to introduce some optimization of the way, at the same time, the author gives the same rookie Shanghai dragon Er to clear up the optimization of the idea.

search engine spiders first read the content, so this part of a relatively high some weight. The words in the first 50 to 100 words, especially the use of keywords as the beginning, so can the correlation with the effective optimization. But usually, even in the beginning of the article should appear keywords adheres to the principle of naturally occurring.

1. density.

The percentage of Key words and all key words are not to appear in the form of the

first please understand this article titles, here to speak only in purely for Shanghai dragon and optimization of the article. Second, this paper introduced the way cannot derivative to the actual article optimization work to. Third, too much in order to optimize the website of Shanghai dragon deliberately may cause the opposite effect.



keyword density is a key words in the article appeared, it is easy to understand. Earlier, the search engine keywords in the article appeared, the higher the frequency of correlation, the article page and the keyword is bigger. To search the key words in the search results ranking, the article page will also get better ranking. This ranking algorithm will soon be used by many webmasters, lots of words unrelated in one article, in order to "cheat" the keywords ranking. So, one of the key words of Shanghai Longfeng black hat optimization technique was born, this is the way.


in the early "word" concept did not consider the length of the problem, and now the "density" concept will consider the length of term after concept embodied.


At the beginning of the

3. form transformation.

The head and tail keywords

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