Keywords to find the law through millions of words of Shanghai dragon strategy

, er for the Shanghai dragon, it was the most known as search terms or search needs. So in the development of Shanghai dragon plan must be in the heart there will be a Shanghai dragon strategy, the beginning of the search keywords has become a priority among priorities. Because in the deployment to the page keywords, search needs (keywords) has become the core of the basis, and then we have to do is just beginning


this time again, I need to think about how to put the title page to write, but found that planning page, this is just a channel with a column, you can down the subdivision? So I according to the "Beijing second-hand car market" and start digging work, car brand with the second-hand car market, brand + Car + second-hand car market, car category and second-hand car market. WOW! Suddenly, the sky in waved to me.

I put in the picture above is called the core vocabulary, and then according to these words I repeated mining, of course "second-hand car" has been excavated, it is no longer for the. Second second-hand car market after mining, I take some of the results, found several rules, geographical name + word used car lot, such as the Beijing second-hand car market, Shanghai second-hand car market, Shijiazhuang second-hand car market, Guilin of second-hand car market, even Guan second-hand car trading market at the provincial level and municipal and county’s geographical name mosaic second-hand car market word. So I get I have downloaded from the internet name of the cities and counties, respectively received a batch of second-hand car market. The total generation of local keywords about 2700. And then, I saw above, found similar to search of the second-hand car market and second-hand car trading network and second-hand car, second-hand car trading terms. My heart Anxi, a pattern emerged. {}+ regional trading network, second-hand car, second-hand car trading area}+ {{}+ regional second-hand car trading network, regional}+ {used car network words can be written completely in a title. That is according to the 4 main regional word vocabulary 2700 multiplied by the count, I don’t have 10800 key words.

then the law is what? We found the following words through the "second-hand car" in the industry to expand some popular search terms:



I want to, the second-hand car market since three and other words of similar meaning, some people will not put the four words or phrases for car brand + second-hand car trading second-hand car or net? Through the verification, the answer is yes. It has been through the regional mining about finishing the 10800 words, car brands such as Audi Beijing second-hand car market, BMW Guan second-hand car trading network, Audi A4L Shanghai second-hand car trading and so on words keep my mind. I’ll put all the car brand, car and the 10800 different words regional word mosaic. I finally got the amount of keywords >

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