Two foreign Shanghai dragon optimization tools recommended

blog is a brief summary: that we can not through the source will identify some of the website.


Which redirection? In the text box paste need to check the web site, click on the Check Redirects can see the results. Here the English is relatively simple, general Shanghai dragon optimization personnel can understand.

1, Redirect Checker, Redirect Checker, also can be called the way of checking the page Jump tool. HTTP query Chinaz webmaster tools also can achieve some functions.

Similar Page Checker is how to work? The search engine is to find web content is copied or similar is before us, this tool allows us to determine the two page similarity percentage, we do not know to avoid being punished, and we need to do as much as possible to reduce page similarity. The search engine is a screening mechanism for repeat content filtering, if you English good, you can look at 贵族宝贝webconfs贵族宝贝/duplicate-content-filter-article-1.php, this article will help you understand why you are likely to be filtered, and how to avoid it.

B, identify the website or page using the jump type, such as JS meta and refresh

2, Similar Page web page similarity checking tool, Checker, also known as similar page checker.

address: 贵族宝贝webconfs贵族宝贝/similar-page-checker.php. Enter First URL URL Enter Second text box paste, URL paste the text box to another URL, submit can.

Redirect Checker:贵族宝贝internetofficer贵族宝贝/ Shanghai -tool/redirect-check/ more powerful dragon.

jump jump;Shanghai dragon

blog in Shanghai Longfeng owners used the Shanghai dragon free tools basically are recommended for domestic Shanghai dragon tools, the Fujian Shanghai dragon will bring you is: two foreign Shanghai dragon optimization tools recommended.

A, the conventional HTTP status code query, such as 200- server, 404- "successfully returned to the requested page does not exist, the 503- service is not available;

Redirect Checker two use:

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