Nine is the site navigation optimization measures share

WWW language HTML allows Webpage designers specially marked simple text and hyperlinks to rich color, Webpage color. If your site is full of knowledge of the information, wants to convey to visitors, it is recommended that you "in the text and hyperlink color design into a clean and elegant color, will be more conducive to reading: pure text with darker and darker colors to show (such as: black, dark green, dark brown), hyperlink text with a distinctive eye-catching colors to highlight (such as: bright yellow, green, orange), as a hyperlink visited by more than the original brightness color presentation of hyperlinks.


Webpage launched, the first thing is, one by one test every page of every link and every navigation button real feasibility. There is no thorough examination of the failure of link cannot connect to the Webpage link, but instead take a "FileNotFound" error signal. This is a responsible, good Webpage designers to work on their own basic qualities required.

often saw the avid Webpage designer lists carefully collected bookmarks or coollinks, to share the wonderful experience of readers’ personal travel WWW. >

four, when the guide button link to this page at

links string length of moderate and go the natural

, a noted hyperlink color and simple text color

two, test all links and guide the actual feasibility of the

took the main message to convey the words as a hyperlink anchor (anchor), which can effectively control the hyperlink string length, avoid long string (such as: the entire line, zhengju is anchor string) or too short (e.g., only one word as the anchor), and is not conducive to reading or reading the take.


analysis, provide you with bookmarks or coollinks

Three, let

if you really have so many links must be provided to readers, as these links in a column, a clearly listed on a menu page or directory page, not only do not interfere with the go smoothly, and show clear navigation links.

Webpage if the repeated use of the same set of navigation buttons, inevitably a navigation button link to this page at present situation. To achieve consistency of interface design, and there is no absolute necessity to remove this navigation button, but the Webpage designer can make this button is no longer a hyperlink function; or use the button color, brightness reduced (such as: dark green to light green, light to dark red), so that readers can clearly understand to set down the dark: this button is no longer navigation links function.

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